If we erode the very concept of women - for example by denying the importance of biological sex - we erase the rights of women…

The American Civil Liberties Union has apologized for excluding the word “woman” from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotation in a tweet posted Sept. 18: “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a [person’s] life, to [their] well-being and dignity,” as the organization rendered the statement. ACLU executive director Anthony Romero told the New York Times that in the future the group “won’t be altering people’s quotes.”

Blaming women for the ills of the world might appear an odd feminist call to action. But an idea gaining traction is that the “white feminism” dominant in the United States and the UK is not only a driving force of societal racism, but responsible for a host of other bad things, from the war on terror to the hypersexualisation of women in popular culture, to the dreadful abuses of power we see in international aid. It’s part of a growing tendency on the left to look for scapegoats at the cost of building the solidarity needed for social change.

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MARION Millar, the Scottish feminist campaigner charged with a hate crime, has received support from around the world ahead of her first court appearance.

The 50-year-old accountant from Airdrie, who faces two years in jail if convicted, has been sent messages from Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Finland and Japan, as well from all parts of the UK.

A women-only group in America’s Washington state sent a video message of themselves chanting Ms Millar’s online rallying cry “Women Won’t Wheesht”.

The Sovereign Women Speak group said: “This is for Marion. We know you that are going through a very difficult time right now.

“We understand that you have been charged with a hate crime, for the crime of speaking out on behalf of women and girls in Scotland. This is for you.”

Ms Millar, who is being represented by the SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC, will have her initial bail hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court today.

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When the OnlyFans website said it would ban sexually explicit content from the start of October, we might have been fooled into thinking it was finally taking some responsibility for what it publishes. Evidence has been growing that the London-based social media giant is enabling under-18s to sell graphic videos and photos of themselves online.

Launched just five years ago, OnlyFans has thrived during the pandemic, with its name becoming increasingly linked with pornography.

The overhaul of OnlyFans moving away from hosting pornographic content in October 2021 sparked a wider debate on the internet last week. Many Leftist outlets deplored the move; one even called it an “attempt to build Gilead under the guise of women’s lib”. This reaction is just the latest in a prolonged, systemic woman-hating ideology that runs through modern day Leftist politics, and the men involved don’t care who knows it.

On 19 August, OnlyFans announced to the world that from October 2021 they would no longer host “any content containing sexually-explicit conduct”. For the uninitiated, OnlyFans is a “content-subscription” service that allows individuals to upload any content they wish — from instructive cooking videos to fitness workouts — all hidden behind a protective paywall. But make no mistake: it is an open secret that the majority of the euphemistically-phrased “content” is porn.

Unlike the celebratory feminist books that seem to be in vogue, Intercourse will appear to be the raving, uninvited gatecrasher to the polite little feminist discussions we have in the safety of our man-made edifices. It froths in the mouth, shocks and offends, but deep inside us we know that it speaks Truth.

In early July, as Taliban insurgents were seizing territory from government forces across Afghanistan, fighters from the group walked into the offices of Azizi Bank in the southern city of Kandahar and ordered nine women working there to leave.

The gunmen escorted them to their homes and told them not to return to their jobs. Instead, they explained that male relatives could take their place, according to three of the women involved and the bank’s manager.

“It’s really strange to not be allowed to get to work, but now this is what it is,” Noor Khatera, a 43-year-old woman who had worked in the accounts department of the bank told Reuters.

“I taught myself English and even learned how to operate a computer, but now I will have to look for a place where I can just work with more women around.”

The incident is an early sign that some of the rights won by Afghan women over the 20 years since the hardline Islamist militant movement was toppled could be reversed if it returns to power.

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Professors are apologizing for saying ‘male’ and ‘female.’ Students are policing teachers. This is what it looks like when activism takes over medicine.

Much like their modern counterpart, the Olympic Games in ancient Greece wasn’t exactly a level playing field for women. It’s true that women of all ages were allowed to enjoy the festivities and exhilarating athletic events in cities throughout the Peloponnese states, including Delos and Athens. But the Games in Olympia in the land of Elis—the city where the Olympics originated—retained its traditional, sacred ban of women. Elis decreed that if a married woman (unmarried women could watch) was caught present at the Olympic Games she would be cast down from Mount Typaeum and into the river flowing below, according to Greek geographer and travel writer Pausanias.

During these ancient times, women lived much shorter lives, were excluded from political decision-making and religious rites, were forced into early marriages, and then gave birth to several children. Despite the societal inequalities and oppression, women in Greece wanted to play—so they started their own Olympics called the Heraean Games.

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Backed by mounting evidence and the rising chorus of voices that object to the mockery inclusion policies make of female sports, there is an easy answer to this problem. The female sports category must be protected for biological females, and men must start being more accepting and inclusive of gender non-conforming males instead of expecting women and girls to sacrifice the opportunity to play safely and fairly in their own sports.

The hyperbolic statement that males with a trans identity are being “banned” from playing sports is nonsense — they are free to compete in the category of their biological sex, but that would mean athletes such as Laurel Hubbard, Valentina Petrillo, Stephanie Barrett or Chelsea Wolfe would simply be relative unknowns instead of feted as trailblazers on the international stage.

When we watch elite female sporting competitions we want to see the best women athletes the world has to offer.

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J K Rowling woke me up. In my far-flung corner of rural Wales, I’d been complacent and comfortable. Raising a family, then home educating my children and getting back into work, I’d filed away women’s rights as safe and secure. I had taught my children about the suffragettes and women’s liberation, explaining how far women had come. Women had choice now. We could have a career in pretty much any area we wanted, reject marriage and motherhood if it wasn’t for us, live independently and didn’t need to rely on men anymore.

I told them women still weren’t completely equal to men. Women were the main carers, had the biggest share of domestic jobs and were paid less. We were objectified and sexualised from a young age and could be bought and sold for men’s sexual gratification. Having to tell my children these things did not make me happy but, busy and settled with my home and family, I folded the issues neatly away, rarely thinking about them. I hoped I’d taught my daughter she could do whatever she wanted and that my son would not be sexist. In the western world at least, women were mostly doing all right. And in West Wales, things were cosy.

Then on 6th June 2020, J K Rowling tweeted about Wimpund. The story rippled through social media and the news. Her comments seemed to have made people angry and I couldn’t understand why. Of course only women have periods, had everyone gone insane overnight? Even my daughter, by this time at university, said her comments were unkind. How could they be unkind? It was a statement of truth. Only females menstruate and a woman is an adult human female.

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Created on Jan 8, 2021
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