If you sometimes feel unfocused, stressed, or even lost in time. Find your inner peace with our collection of the best mindfulness books, keep your mind focused on here and now 💚
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Spaced Repetition is a simple technique that is aimed to help you with memorizing any information, either in your studies or work! Our review of a Spaced Repetition technique will provide different apps and approaches on how to start being productive with remembering and structuring material.

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The Best Pomodoro apps to Boost Your Focus

Nowadays technological progress made things harder to focus on. Everyone can be easily distracted, so time-management skills for modern people are inevitable. Luckily, there are lots of tools created to help with this problem. One of them is called the Pomodoro technique🍅
How to use it correctly and effectively, what apps can help you make the most of #Pomodoro — you can read down below.

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9 Highly Effective Techniques To Study More Effectively in 2021

Efficiency. Studying. Effective studying? What does it mean?

We know how hard can it be when you have to #read, review, or write something, especially with a deadline. It’s not because we’re lazy, we’re just not able to draw our #attention to the right task. And this is where some study techniques can totally blow your mind.

To learn more information about how all listed techniques work — read our new article on Productive Fish!🐠

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5 Best #Meditation #Apps to #Relieve #Stress
Work can be not only hard but stressful as well. You know the importance of keeping yourself #healthy, so… What about taking up a new hobby — meditation?

Meditation has combined a lot of cool features for a modern person: helps with your #focus and #mental #habits, and #sleep. And it is mostly free. Try to implement this habit in your daily routine as an experiment, to see how it can affect your life.

How would you do that?

Now and then, use apps. You can find a lot of them online, but there is no need to search because everything is listed and reviewed in our article.

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Top 5 Best Mind Mapping Software in 2020

For those of you who work with ideas a lot, or simply anyone who has to organize information from your head, mind mapping can become a powerful instrument. So why would you need this exactly?

What can you do using mindmaps?

  1. Collect all of the ideas in one “tree”.

  2. Structurize them.

  3. Find a connection that wasn’t on the surface before.

  4. In the end, you’ll get the overall view of everything that you’ve brainstormed.


Without questioning the benefits of mind mapping, it can be not that simple sometimes. But we’ve got a solution for you! A list of software that is meant to help you create your perfect mind map. Read our material and choose the best tool for yourself.


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Productive Fish? Why!?

Sometimes fish is just a fish and there can be no particular reason why this magazine had been named this way. What is much more important is that if you are inspired by such topics as productivity, learning how to learn and mindfulness, please, stay here, it might be interesting for you. What we do from our side is try to create here something more than a blog with personal opinion, build community, grow and learn new things together.