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Jeunesse, William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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What OS are you running? I’ve Manjaro XFCE, it has inbuilt tool for that. In Windows you can use powershell dir command to that. See the link.


Heya everyone !

I’m looking to rename files that have problematic symboles in them. I’m using Freefilesync to copy over files and folders and some don’t work well due to file and folder names.

Any tips on how to recursively find and rename files to remove problematic ‘.‘ and whatnots ?

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I like it. Thanks for sharing.

I sorta got into 90s country. This is a 2002 song but Toby Keith is great.

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This looks so real. Wow.

A Calling, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1896

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Wrong caption?

Sleep and his Half-brother Death, John William Waterhouse, 1874

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Fall asleep staring at each

Le Printemps, Pierre-Henry Cot

How are you all doing today? 🧡

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Beautiful ♥️

Autumn, Herbert James Draper

Happy Republic Day India 🇮🇳

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Yeah, it does work fast. I feel the Split pdf tool need some work on how to use it. Other tools are self explanatory.

Hello Gurlic world!

I’ve just launched a private-aware website for processing PDF documents last month, called PDF Shelter. It avoids communication with remote servers by performing all operations on the browser using open source JS libraries such as pdf-lib and pdf.js.

There are several new features in the pipeline, but I would like to show what we already have to gather some feedback on functionality, UX, etc. Thanks!

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Something weird about this one

Der Träumer, Karl Wiener, 1929

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I hope all of you got to rest and take a break from the chaos of last year and feel more motivated and hopeful for this new year. Did you guys get up to much for the holidays? Wishing you all a lovely and wonderful year ahead.

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@root In dark mode I cant tell if I voted or not. https://imgur.com/B5RosSi.png

Your vote choice should be highlighted instead of the current leading option when logged in. (I voted for Signal)

Please add a always keep me logged in option in Log-in screen.