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Happy Independence Day India

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thanks for sharing. good blog.

The number one question that people ask once you tell them you’re considering early retirement is:  What will you do with your time?

They ask it urgently, with earnest expressions indicating a mix of confusion, fear, and excitement.

The reason they ask is typically because they don’t know what they’d do with all of those empty years, either.

Love it or hate it, work fills most of the space in your life.  It gobbles time like pacman eats dots, and as an added bonus, it provides a path through the maze of your existence; you know exactly which direction you’re expected to grow.

So, if you are close to the end of your early-retirement journey, it’s possible you’re asking this question to yourself.  What will you, in fact, do with all that free time?

Despite having firm plans to retire and reclaim their lives, many people find elements of doubt creeping in here and there. Do you actually have enough interests and activities to sustain you?  Will you get bored?

Of course, some lucky people already know exactly what they’re retiring to, answers firmly in hand.

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HSIS Gosha Government Hospital in Bengaluru has achieved a remarkable milestone on June 12. It successfully carried out 300th delivery among Covid positive pregnant women! Kudos to all the doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital: Dr K Sudhakar, Karnataka Health Minister

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This movie is not even worth pirating. It’s really bad.

The High Court in Delhi has handed down an interesting order aimed at preventing piracy of the new action movie ‘Radhe’. Following an application from Zee Entertainment and parallel criminal referrals, a judge has ordered WhatsApp to suspend allegedly infringing user accounts and take similar action against all other accounts subsequently reported for piracy.

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How you doin

Been a little bit sick and away. Gurlic should see some much-needed bug fixes and feature requests soon. 🎭

Happy Eid 🌛

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Over the centuries the huge, naked, club-wielding giant carved into a steep hillside in Dorset has been thought prehistoric, Celtic, Roman or even a 17th century lampoon of Oliver Cromwell.

After 12 months of new, hi-tech sediment analysis, the National Trust has now revealed the probable truth and experts admit they are taken aback. The bizarre, enigmatic Cerne Giant is none of the above, but late Saxon, possibly 10th century.

Martin Papworth, a senior archaeologist at the trust, said he was somewhat “flabbergasted … He’s not prehistoric, he’s not Roman, he’s sort of Saxon, into the medieval period. I was expecting 17th century.”

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