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BHIM app has now Aadhar OTP based feature to create and reset UPI pin

Note on Hindi..

1. Vedic Sanskrit is oldest language in this part of India at least.

2. Vedic Sanskrit became localised and were called Prakrits.

3. Meanwhile, Vedic Sanskrit got an upgrade in form Classical Sanskrit.

4. Prakrits of different region in India continued, Ardhamagadhi Prakrit, Maharashtrian Prakrit, Shaurseni Prakrit etc.

5. These Prakrits went through another wave of evolution called Apabhramsha.

6. It is after this stage of Apabrahmsha that we get to see Awadhi, Braj, Kauravi, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia ALL coming from their own Prakrits slowly localising more and more.

7. Kauravi /Khari boli language was spoken in what we know as Western UP currently, but in old times this was known as Kuru region, named after legendary king Kuru, an ancestor of Kauravas.

8. Pandavas/Kauravas were all Kauravas, in fact anyone who lived in Kuru kingdom/region was called Kauravya.

9. The people went away, but the name of region survives, so even today you can call the region, Kuru Rajyam and it’s bhasha Kauravi/खड़ी बोली

10. Now when Turks came to India, they used to converse in Turkic languages amongst themselves. Meanwhile the region they ruled was this Delhi region..

So they called the language of this region Hindustani or Hindawi.

11. The Turks used Persian in their courts as Turk languages are unsophisticated.. hence Farsi words started getting used in administration and commerce, all throughout India.

12. As consolidation of UP under English increased, Awadhi/Braj/Kauravi which are three separate Langs, were registered together as Hindi.. majority of it coming from Kauravi only.

However, the twist there was that the muslims noblety wanted Farsi/Nastaliq script to be registered with Hindi.. it was registered separately as .. wait.. for it… Hordu (Urdu), a persianized form of Hindi popular among Muslims of decaying Mughal empire.

13. haryanvi is again, NOT a language, Haryana is the region, which is west to Yamuna (hence Dhillika is also part of Haryana only)

14. The languages within Haryana were clubbed together and called as Haryanvi, though it is largely intelligible with Hindi (because of its proximity with Kauravi speaking region)

Here Ahirawati and Bangru are two bolis of the same ‘Haryanvi’

Copied word to word from a message of Decoder Ji


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Um ..what they used this for?

Stirrup vessel with fellatio scene. Peru, Moche civilization, 300-600 AD.

What song you are listening on loop these days?

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Happy Republic Day

Dec 16, 2021

Hey everyone. How you doing, happy holidays.

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Interesting read

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), the non-profit that owns Wikipedia and other volunteer-written websites, is about to reach its 10-year goal of creating a $100 million endowment five years earlier than it planned. Its total funds, which have risen by about $200 million over the past five years, now stand at around $300 million. Its revenue has risen every year. In just the first nine months of its current financial year, it has raked in $142 million in donations according to an internal document—and already obliterated its previous annual record.

This news may surprise donors and users around the world who have seen Wikipedia fundraising banners displayed at various times during the past year—including, for the first time, in India. Presently shown to readers in pandemic-ridden Latin America, these banners have created a widespread impression that the WMF must be struggling to keep Wikipedia up-and-running, with tearful-sounding messages like: “This Thursday Wikipedia really needs you. This is the 10th appeal we’ve shown you. 98% of our readers don’t give; they look the other way … We ask you, humbly, don’t scroll away.”

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Nov 7, 2021

Blandina In The Amphitheater Of Lyon Jules-Antoine Duvaux

Nov 4, 2021

Happy Diwali everyone.