Bluebash is a growing software development, technology consulting and digital application solutions company. We provide services to a wide range of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Retail.

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Alepo is an award-winning digital enablement and revenue management software company. Our future-ready, innovative products power operations and billing for digital service providers, including fixed and mobile telcos.

Established in 2004, Alepo is a mature technology solutions provider based in Austin, Texas, with a presence in a

From the future.

How do I get off this ride?

Man from the Underground.

I write open-source

Linux nerd. I use arch btw.

The g.d. devil himself.

Resident janitor. I build and maintain

Programming Videos

A community for sharing interesting programming videos. Videos must be at an intermediate/advanced level and have some depth to them.

"How To" videos are not permitted.

Created on Sep 25, 2020
By @gurlic