Dec 22, 2021

A picture of a submerged diver in 1899. Many believe it to be the first photograph taken underwater.

Nov 19, 2021

Textile worker, taken by Nikolay Matorin, USSR, c. 1960.

Nov 17, 2021

Miners in the Serra Pelada gold mines in Brazil, 1980s.

Nov 16, 2021

What happening above that volcano? Something very unusual – a volcanic light pillar. More typically, light pillars are caused by sunlight and so appear as a bright column that extends upward above a rising or setting Sun. Alternatively, other light pillars – some quite colorful – have been recorded above street and house lights. This light pillar, though, was illuminated by the red light emitted by the glowing magma of an erupting volcano. The volcano is Italy’s Mount Etna, and the featured image was captured with a single shot a few hours after sunset in mid-June. Freezing temperatures above the volcano’s ash cloud created ice-crystals either in cirrus clouds high above the volcano – or in condensed water vapor expelled by Mount Etna. These ice crystals – mostly flat toward the ground but fluttering – then reflected away light from the volcano’s caldera.

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Nov 14, 2021

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, photographed near the Great Sphinx of Giza. 1960s.

Nov 11, 2021

An ivory statuette of the skeletal figure of Death as a drummer. Made by Joachim Henne in Germany, ca. 1670-1680 CE, now housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Nov 7, 2021

A column capital at the Temple of Khnum in Esna, Egypt.

Nov 5, 2021

Bead Bracelet of Queen Ahhotep, Second Intermediate Period, 17th Dynasty, 1560-1530 BC. From Dra’ Abu el-Naga’, West Thebes.

Nov 1, 2021

Portrait bust of a daughter of King Akhenaten. 1375 BC.

Oct 29, 2021

Figured ostracon showing a dancer in an acrobatic position, dated to 1292 - 1076 BC. Ancient Egypt.

Oct 22, 2021

Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the Dolomites, 1916.

Oct 22, 2021

The Gate of All Nations (Old Persian: duvarthim visadahyum) also known as the Gate of Xerxes , is located in the ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis, Fars Province, Iran.

Oct 21, 2021

Tomb of Ramses VI (Tomb KV9), Valley of the Kings, Egypt 1147-1143 BC.

Oct 20, 2021

One of the first photos taken of Tutankhamun’s tomb when it was opened.

Oct 17, 2021

The Copper Scroll (3Q15) is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Cave 3 near Khirbet Qumran. Unlike the others, it is not a literary work, but a list of 64 places where various items of gold and silver were buried or hidden. C. 50–100 CE, now on display at the Jordan Museum in Amman.

Oct 16, 2021

Egyptian Funerary Mask of Tjuyu, great-grandmother of Tutankhamun. Early 14th century BC.

Oct 16, 2021

Young Woman from Guanajuato, Mexico playing a mandolina conchera, a guitar-like instrument traditionally made from the shell of an armadillo circa 1895.

Oct 12, 2021

Wreck of the ship George Roper, Point Lonsdale (1883) - by Fred Kruger.

Oct 7, 2021

The baptistry basin of the Byzantine Basilica of St Vitalis in ancient Sufetula, today known as Sbeitla in Tunisia. 5th-6th century CE.

Sep 29, 2021

Jupiter’s northern hemisphere cloud structure with 12km resolution.

Sep 25, 2021

The manuscript draft of the Karamazov Brothers by Fyodor Dostoyevski, 1880.

Sep 25, 2021

Street of the Tower of David in the main bazaar, central Jerusalem. Colourised. 1890s.


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