Tianfu Square, Chengdu, China.

Mar 31

Al Capone fishing on his yacht, 1931.

Mar 31

Archduke Franz Ferdinand posing as a mummy on a trip to Cairo in 1896.

Mar 31

Yuri Gagarin, with his Matra Bonnet Djet Coupe, 1965.

Malcolm X Trying To Calm Down Muhammad Ali 1964.

Fidel Castro visiting the Great Wall of China, 1995.

Taken on February 6, this snowy mountain and skyscape was captured near Melchsee-Frutt, central Switzerland, planet Earth. The reddish daylight and blue tinted glow around the afternoon Sun are colors of the Martian sky, though. Of course both worlds have the same Sun. From Mars, the Sun looks only about half as bright and 23 the size compared to its appearance from Earth. Lofted from the surface of Mars, fine dust particles suspended in the thin Martian atmosphere are rich in the iron oxides that make the Red Planet red. They tend to absorb blue sunlight giving a red tinge to the Martian sky, while forward scattering still makes the light appear relatively bluish near the smaller, fainter Martian Sun. Normally Earth’s denser atmosphere strongly scatters blue light, making the terrestrial sky blue. But on February 6 a huge cloud of dust blown across the Mediterranean from the Sahara desert reached the Swiss Alps, dimming the Sun and lending that Alpine afternoon the colors of the Martian sky. By the next day, only the snow was left covered with reddish dust.

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Feb 10

Edna Egbert fights with police as they try to prevent her from jumping off the second-story ledge of her home at 497 Dean Street in Brooklyn. March 19, 1942.

Feb 10

Bankrupt investor Walter Thornton tries to sell his luxury roadster for $100 cash on the streets of New York City following the 1929 stock market crash.

A Mayan carved jade plaque from Nebaj in Guatemala. Late Classic period (AD 600-800).

In 1945 Life magazine did a photographic study of Jelly Bryce dropping a coin, drawing, firing and hitting the coin before it passed his waist. Experts determined Bryce was able to draw and make that incredible shot in two fifths of a second.

Women’s Rooftop Boxing Club, Los Angeles, 1938.

Young punks, Budapest, Hungary, 1982.

Not sure why I was expecting Mao to be morbidly obese in 1937, during the Long March.

Naher al-Bared, Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon,1952.

The Da Vinci Globe, dated 1504, is the oldest known globe to show the New World. Engraved with immaculate detail on two conjoined lower halves of ostrich eggs.

“Our situation has most definitely not improved”, engineer Andrée writes in his log after crashing on arctic ice while attempting to cross the north pole with a hot air balloon. 1897

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Salvador Dali and his wife Gala, c. 1932-33.


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