Apr 10

1949, Hillside houses overlook smoke-belching steel mills, Pittsburgh Photograph by John E. Fletcher, J. Baylor Roberts, and B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic.

Performers Ringling Bros Barnum Bailey Circus, 1930.

Mar 27

Refugees fleeing Pyongyang during the Korean War across a destroyed bridge over the Taedong River, December 4th 1951.

Mar 26

“Diamond Joe” Esposito is credited by the FBI as being the first known Sicilian Mafia member to emigrate to the United States. He was involved in bootlegging, extortion, prostitution, labor racketeering, and became a political rival of Al Capone before being murdered in 1928.

A native American man looking over the newly completed transcontinental railroad in Nevada, 1869.

Friends and I had been out on my boat exploring western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef and were about to head home when I heard over the radio that a spotter plane working on behalf of local tour companies had located a whale shark. It was headed toward the reef, chasing what appeared to be a school of forage fish. We quickly headed over to investigate. Once in the water, we watched the shark trail after the fish for nearly an hour until, seemingly out of nowhere, a large school of mackerel tuna whirled in like a tornado and began to hunt. Under attack, the forage fish packed tightly together, with nowhere to escape. The whale shark, a filter feeder, finally had its opportunity. It lunged forward, sucking in huge mouthfuls.

The feast was over in a matter of minutes; the mackerel tuna and whale shark had their fill, leaving the remaining fish to escape into the blue. In this area, it’s extremely rare to see whale sharks feeding on fish along the reef. It was one of the most magnificent wildlife spectacles I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.

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After months of chasing starlings alongside his colleague Colin Hogg, Dublin-based photographer James Crombie captured a phenomenal shot of the flock as it swelled into an enormous bird-like murmuration. Hogg recorded the awe-inspiring experience in a short clip that shows the winged formation taking shape and hovering over Lough Ennell, a lake near Mullingar in central Ireland.

Feb 20

The first self-portrait photograph. Made by Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of photography, in 1839.

Feb 17

A photographer has filed a lawsuit against celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, accusing her of infringing on his copyright by using his photo of iconic jazz musician Miles Davis as a tattoo for a client.

Los Angeles-based photographer Jeff Sedlik created the iconic portrait of Davis in 1989, and the photo was subsequently published in a cover story in JAZZIZ magazine in August of that year. Since then, it has been widely published in magazines around the world, and it was featured by LIFE magazine in a “Pictures of the Year” issue.

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Feb 16

Japanese Archers circa 1860. Colorized.

Members of the Ringling Brothers Circus practice in Sarasota, Florida. Aerialist Miss Lola practices on a tightrope as the performer’s children look on. March 1949.

Photo by Nina Leen/LIFE

Two leaders of the Finnish criminal gang Isoo-Joukko in chains, 1869.

Ethnic Cambodian Guerilla fighter Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp after he was wounded by American bombing. Ca Mau Peninsula, 15 September 1970. Photo taken by Vo Anh Khanh.

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“After thousands of public votes, the winners of the Art of Building Photographer of the Year 2020 have been announced.

The competition, run by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), celebrates the creativity of the construction industry and the built world around us.”

Ian Howorth frames the seaside villages and debris-laden roadsides that populate the U.K. through evocative, nuanced photographs captured with 35 mm film. Born to a British father and Peruvian mother, Howorth moved often as a child before settling in the U.K. Today, his view on rural towns is idiosyncratic and wavers between an insider’s knowledge and someone just passing through. His largely cinematic shots of abandoned vans, ashtrays left outside, and residents on the street are ripe with nostalgia and feature a distinct sense of place, although the Brighton-based photographer is wary about sharing exact locations.

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Made in the Caucasus mountains, Kabardino-Balkar ASSR, Adyr-Su valley, Ullu-Tau range, 1983.

Royal Serbian Army retreating through Albanian mountains, December 1915 - January 1916.

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