Rocky Mountains, USA.

North Cascade mountains, Washington, USA.

Seceda, Dolomites, Italy.

The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye.

British Columbia’s Kitimat fjord is an unlikely home for massive fin whales, and scientists are beginning to understand what makes the area so attractive.

Torres del Paine, Chile.

Mt. Rainier National Park.

Retallack, BC.

Rißbach valley, Austria.

Every day is different when you work on a nature reserve, but nothing could have prepared our reserves team at Rutland Water Nature Reserve for the day when they made the palaeontological discovery of a lifetime.

Mt Rainier National Park.

Goat Rocks , Washington.

By sinking a dead whale to the bottom of the ocean and studying what comes to visit, scientists are learning more about how deep-sea ecosystems are related.

Grand Teton National Park.

Dec 31, 2021

MacKinnon Pass, Milford Track, New Zealand.

Dec 31, 2021

Arctic fox in Canada.

Dec 27, 2021

Most divers tend to look for big creatures, but I prefer to slow down and seek ocean life in the tiniest form.

As I explored the corals of Anilao, in the Philippines, this single hydroid polyp, smaller than a grain of rice, caught my eye through the viewfinder of my camera, which had an underwater magnification lens attached to it. It was the first time I’d seen this species, and its unusual structure appealed to me.

Hydroids are the lesser-known cousins of corals, jellyfish, and anemones. Like corals, hydroids typically form colonies, with many polyps physically connected and functioning as one organism. I haven’t been able to determine what species of hydroid this polyp belonged to, but the larger colonial animal resembled a tropical palm tree waving in the spring breeze.

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Dec 27, 2021

Ice Cave in Iceland.

Dec 25, 2021

Fjaðrárgljúfur, Southern Iceland.

Dec 21, 2021

Moraine Lake.


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