Feb 23

My first 𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓈𝒶𝓃𝒶𝓁 key cap. Also great for debugging!

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I made a control board for the Microsoft Sculpt wireless keyboard that converts it to wired USB, and now my favorite keyboard is even better.

This is an interactive gallery of split keyboards.

The keyboards included are mechanical and have either two halves ar a “wedge” in the middle to allow the wrists to lie in a more natural position. Many are available for purchase, either assembled or in kit form. Some only have the source (plans) available, which means making (or ordering from a service) the circuit board and case from a manufacturer yourself

Feb 11

System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard

The System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard is designed to provide the ultimate user controlled keyboard experience, with open source mechanical and electrical design, open source firmware and associated software, and a large number of user configuration opportunities.

Oddball Keyboard

The Oddball is a split mechanical keyboard with an integrated trackball. While drawing inspiration from things like the Jian and the Dactyl Manuform, it is instead designed with a switch plate and PCB to give it durability, replicability, and a more utilitarian look. 

Hub20 is a numpad with a bunch of features you never knew you needed. They include:

  • Left and Right handed numpad layouts supported, along with a 4x5 1U grid enabling it to be used as a macropad.

  • Two rotary encoders, enabling intuitive controls for a wide range of tools including CAD and photo / video editing.

  • Inbuilt USB 2.0 Hub with Type-C connectors, allowing connection to other keyboards, memory sticks, wireless receivers and more!

  • VIA and QMK compatibility*, including a “macro” mode enabling the keys to be dynamically remapped on a host computer. *(Not yet merged upstream, will require manually adding VIA config/copying firmware to edit).

  • 27 addressable RGB leds, including one under each key.

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Dec 18, 2020

We all use our keyboards in different ways. That’s why being able to move your keys around is so important for ergonomics. But how do you know your keymap is working for you?

That’s what our new Heat Map feature is for: Connect to Live Training, turn on Heat Map mode, and go back to whatever you were doing before.

Every time you hit a key, Heat Map counts it:


Mechanical Keyboards
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