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The EU is planning to develop its own government-run DNS resolver. The project dubbed DNS4EU is meant to offer a counterweight to the popular resolvers that are mostly based in the U.S. Aside from offering privacy and security to users, the DNS solution will also be able to block “illegal” websites, including pirate sites.

Axel Springer has lost its copyright infringement lawsuit against Eyeo GmbH, the company behind Adblock Plus. The German publishing house, which owns the Bild and Die Welt brands, among others, claimed that adblockers interfere with the presentation of websites in browsers, thus breaching copyright. In a victory for Eyeo, the Hamburg District Court has dismissed the case.

When I started working with Git I had some experience with Concurrent Versions System (CVS) and Apache Subversion (SVN), so I tried to understand it in terms of those classic source code repository systems. That way of thinking only got me a limited understanding of Git’s capabilities. Since then I have grown to understand Git much better, so this article is a kind of “note to self” text to remind myself how Git works and explain it to those who are new to it. I assume you know your way around other more classical source code repositories like CVS or SVN.

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Pine64 is launching a major hardware upgrade in its quest to build a Linux smartphone. After the launch of the original PinePhone in 2019, the organization is now taking preorders for the PinePhone Pro, a new smartphone it’s calling “the fastest mainline Linux smartphone on the market.” The phone was announced in October, and you can now secure a unit. The MSRP is $599, but it’s up for preorder now at an introductory price of $399.

You know that scene in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, where John Nash is studying pigeons “hoping to extract an algorithm to define their movement”? Well, it appears we’ve found that algorithm, and it defines the movement of humans too. Furthermore, it provides us with a new lens for understanding psychological phenomena.

In getting to this algorithm, one key insight is to realize that the dopamine circuit—which simultaneously controls movement, motivation, and encoding reward prediction errors in humans and other vertebrates—serves the same role as the chemotaxis circuit in bacteria, and is algorithmically equivalent as well. 

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eyeo, developer of best-in-class ad-filtering technology found in millions of browsers and products around the world, today announced that it has successfully defended and won a landmark court decision involving whether HTML can be subject to copyright enforcement.

Resolving this copyright case upholds the open standards mission of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and sets an important legal precedent and defines who ‘owns’ the code underlying websites and how popular browser features and utilities can continue to operate lawfully on the public Internet.

This most recent court action also marks the sixteenth time that eyeo has prevailed against targeted lawsuits, and successfully defended the legal rights of internet users, code developers, publishers, and other participants to a fair and sustainable internet ecosystem for everyone to enjoy.

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Known as the “King of Spices”, pepper is the most important spice traded internationally.

Pepper was one the earliest commodities that was traded between the orient and Europe. In medieval times, pepper frequently changed hands as rent, dowry and tax. “Peppercorn rent” may today mean something trivial or next-to-nothing but in the middle ages, pepper was the preferred currency, prized by the wealthy. The history of medieval Europe throws up further evidence of the influence pepper had in the trading community. Pepper traders even had their own vernacular names i.e., ‘Pepperer’ in England, “Pfeffersacke” in Germany and “Poivrier” in France.

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In my last post I went through my VTubing setup on Windows and all the “generations” of setup that I’ve done over the last year. Thanks to the meddling of a certain nerd who is in the chat watching me write this, I have figured out a way to run this setup on Linux. The ultimate goal for this phase is to get all this running on my work laptop so I can use it for a webcam. However this post is just going to cover the Linux setup bits.

In a real sense, the stakes here are quite high. Even if alternative key layouts only provide a small benefit, and even if the transaction cost is too high to make it worthwhile for any one individual to switch, the costs for society could be significant. There are billions of people out there typing suboptimally, all day, every day. If we were ever given a clear sense of the loss involved in doing something slightly suboptimally over vast periods of time, we might tremble and rue those lost riches. But as it is, the effects are too diffused for us to see them.

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Pop!_OS offers corresponding workflows and applications to those available in macOS. Users will find UI elements where they expect them to be as well as some additional features.

The alleged 2017 deal between Google and Facebook to kill header bidding, a way for multiple ad exchanges to compete fairly in automated ad auctions, was negotiated by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and endorsed by both Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (now with Meta) and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, according to an updated complaint filed in the Texas-led antitrust lawsuit against Google.

The most impressive people I know are all terrible procrastinators. So could it be that procrastination isn’t always bad?

When I speak about the inefficiency of popular blockchains, or mention that we seem to be hurtling towards a “web3” so centralized it challenges big tech’s firm grasp on today’s web, or point out that somehow no one appears to have managed to find a positive use for blockchains that wouldn’t be better served by blockchainless technologies, I often hear “it’s the early days”. “Give it a chance”. “People are still figuring all this blockchain stuff out, ironing out the kinks”.

Bitcoin, currently one of the best-known and most-used blockchains, began to be used in 2009. Ethereum, another well-known and popular blockchain, launched in 2015. In the grand scheme of things, 2009 and 2015 were not that long ago. In the technology world, that was a lifetime ago.

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A few months ago System76 announced that they would be developing a new desktop environment based on the Rust programming language called COSMIC.

Their idea is to create a desktop environment that is similar to the one that is currently available for the Pop!_OS operating system, but with a different focus.

System76’s objective is to create something that is faster, more customizable, and free of the limitations of the GNOME desktop environment, and let’s face it, we’re all curious as to how this desktop will look like.

This post will explore how this new desktop environment is shaping up.

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The music industry is shifting up a gear and is now taking action against a German hosting provider. Three big labels are suing the provider Uberspace for hosting the website of the open source project youtube-dl. With the software, which is available on the code sharing platform Github, YouTube videos and music files can be downloaded without a web browser. According to the plaintiffs, this violates copyright law.