While the kernel community has kept an always accelerating pace of development with no slowdown in sight, the release process has reached such maturity that a new release might sound a bit uneventful. But, when we are talking about one of the pieces of software used to fly that helicopter on Mars earlier this year, uneventful is exacty what you want.

In fact, as the resilience of the release process is proven over and over, more and more companies have been able to drop their vendor trees based on decade old Linux versions, and base their work on the bleeding edge technologies available in the latest versions.

At Collabora, we are more than ever dedicated to help vendors achieve this goal by closing the gap between hardware support on vendor trees and the mainline tree. In this release we have expanded that effort with our customary contributions all around the kernel, in particular we have paid attention to the Video4Linux APIs and hardware enablement.


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Created on May 24, 2020
By @gurlic
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