This article is a guide for achieving a full-as-possible Wayland setup on Arch Linux. If you follow the entire guide, by the end you will have:

  • Sway, a tiling window manager.

  • Waybar, a topbar very similar to Polybar.

  • Wofi, a pure GTK (and thus Wayland) customizable application launcher.

  • Alacritty, a modern terminal that “just works”.

  • Firefox and/or Chromium in Wayland with working screen sharing.

  • Emacs running fully in Wayland via brand-new pure GTK internals.

  • Most QT applications running in Wayland.

  • Steam games set up to consider Wayland, if they can.

  • (Optional) Japanese input via Fcitx5.


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Created on May 24, 2020
By @gurlic
Administered by: @root @linuxgirl