I wanted to present to you one of my recent discoveries: a new Pomodoro Timer that helped me stick to my goals and complete them! It feels like a whole-new productivity booster to me, it is flexible and easy to use online in your browser. This is one of the best Pomodoro Timers I used in a while, so I’ll be happy to share it with you. Pomodoro technique has always made me work harder for my dreams and achieve them in real life 🥰

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The Eisenhower Matrix, in my opinion, provides an excellent framework to help you cut through the clutter and finish your most important work in record time :)

It will make your time and tasks easy to track and analyze. Then, you can adjust things to make yourself more effective and see something in your routine that maybe was worthless or time-wasting. This is an experiment that will be better if you just have a simple structure or a scheme. In this case, Eisenhower Matrix will be the best decision.

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A lot of great tools we inherited from famous people. If you remember President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his achievements you’ll understand what I’m talking about. He was a successful strategist and simply a very productive man. What was the reason for that? Of course, his personal technique called Eisenhower Matrix 

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Inbox Zero Technique was a unique discovery for me.

I was thinking lately about the effect this technique had on me. Why is it so powerful in the context of my work and results? In two words, it is about effective self-management, and Inbox Zero specializes in organizing your mail. If you will nurture this technique, I’m pretty sure, your experience with tons of e-mails that can make you anxious in a minute will never be the same. Make sure and try it one day :)

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Nowadays we’re somehow stuck at home with our computers. Computer work requires lots of typing. And whether you’re a regular student, a freelancer, or maybe an office worker, you need to do typing. Thus, improving your typing skills can be very helpful. As helpful as an ultimate Guide to Improve Your Typing Speed.🙌🏼

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Stay tuned on the most useful platforms to develop your skills! Online education has been the most popular way to receive knowledge recently. Make sure to make the most out of the best online courses and classes :)

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There are so many ways to improve focus! And concentration as well, leading you to successfully complete your projects, and achieve your daily, weekly or long-term goals.

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Imposter syndrome is the belief that you’re not worthy of your success. Find out more about types of imposter syndrome, how it can affect your life, and how to overcome it.
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Ask yourself a few questions: what was the last time when I was alone in my thoughts when they were not filled up with unneeded worries, and why did I not choose to spend this time thinking about what my heart really wants? This is what we call self-reflection. And these are the ways to improve it.
We’ve summed up all the information we had to discover what is self-reflection and how to improve its level to live a much better life.
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Cornell Notes are a structured way of taking notes on any subject while studying. In this review, we’ve delved into what is the concept of Cornell Notes, why they are so effective, and how to take them.✏️🌱

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If you sometimes feel unfocused, stressed, or even lost in time. Find your inner peace with our collection of the best mindfulness books, keep your mind focused on here and now 💚
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Spaced Repetition is a simple technique that is aimed to help you with memorizing any information, either in your studies or work! Our review of a Spaced Repetition technique will provide different apps and approaches on how to start being productive with remembering and structuring material.

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