Dec 26, 2020

Gurlic has a pretty amazing set of article/blog-related features, but at the moment, no one could be blamed for thinking the community/social media aspect is all there is to the site. So I’m making this post for two reasons:

  1. To tell you to check out the article features! Look at for example. It’s a ‘publication’ filled with articles. You can make your own article by starting a post, and then clicking ‘make this an article’ at a bottom to go to the fancy article editor. You can create your own publication via the ‘create a community’ link and choose type ‘publication’.

  2. To brainstorm about the best ways to make these features more obvious. I have the idea that @root is a bit swamped with work on Gurlic and I don’t want to just throw vague suggestions and requests at him. So let’s get some brains together and come up with some more solid ideas. I’ll make a start in the comments.

@dmje Brainstorm post!


A community to discuss gurlic, suggest new features, file bugs etc.

Created on Oct 4, 2020
By @gurlic