Nov 20, 2020

Support image webp uploading as you convert to webp anyway?

Nov 5, 2020

Could links within PS notes be linkified/clickable? I guess PS are just plain text and not markdown currently 🤔

Oct 27, 2020

A list of communities you’re a member of in the top/global navigation would be handy

Currently I’ve got to either go via my profile, or manually type the community URL in the address bar

Some choices:

  • A dropdown in the top navigation

  • A submenu/section in the user dropdown at the top/right

  • A section inside /explore, before the list of all communities

Oct 27, 2020

A “Back to top” button? I guess it only needs to be visible when you’ve scrolled beyond 1 screen of content.

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Created on Oct 14, 2020
By @gurlic