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Indieweb features

Would love to see Gurlic get some IndieWeb features. Two IndieWeb features in particular:

1. Webmentions. Sites like https://lobste.rs already send these. The central idea behind Webmentions is to use “linkbacks” as a comment-section.

Say I write a post. A response-blog-post, lobste.rs thread, or Gurlic post/comment that links to my post can serve as a “comment”. These “comments” (sources) containing a link back to my post (destination) send a Webmention to my Webmention endpoint, possibly like this:

curl -i -d source=https://link-to.source -d target=link-to.dest https://seirdy.one/webmentions/receive

My webmention endpoint then parses the source link’s content to make sure it contains a backlink, and my CMS, SSG, etc. can then display the mention at the bottom of my article. It could render as a plain link, a comment, or a “like” depending on the markup.

2. Some basic markup (microformats2) to make Webmention-parsing easier.

I can help out with these two features once Hummingbard/Gurlic is open-sourced.

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This is not a feature request, more an idea.

I would suggest to hide likes/dislikes as an experiment. You might still want to notify users (even though this could be a setting).

My rationale being is that the whole like/subscriber count is part what’s wrong with social networks. Why not make the whole thing ephemeral. If somebody likes something I posted, send a quick notification, but don’t persist it and don’t show it.

User profile should have a Liked page that pulls liked posts.

Compact theme on all pages via ?view=compact query. Switchable permanently from user settings.

A way to easily view the posts you’ve “liked” would be handy - maybe as a tab only visible to you in your profile, similar to how Hacker News handles upvoted submissions?

Please add a always keep me logged in option in Log-in screen.

Heya, was looking at my bell icon to see if any comments had arrived, and it was a bit of a pain to look through the list and look for comments to my posts amidst the liked notifications. coudl there be a way to differentiate likes and comments (and comments to username ?)
Happy Christmas !!

Dec 13, 2020

Tooltips! A little popup when hovering over post actions would be nice.

Dec 6, 2020

TODO: Custom colors for community tags.

Dec 6, 2020

TODO: An alternative compact view for posts:

  • Thumbnail Images instead

  • Much smaller padding

  • Clip lengthy text

Should be toggle-able via preferences or in the user menu.

Nov 21, 2020

Content Filtering via:

  • Custom Feeds

    • e.g. MyCustomMusicFeed = [@beats, @music/electronic, etc.]

    • improves signal-to-noise ratio when looking for specific content

  • Hide Posts

    • see image for implementation examples

    • allows precise curation of:

      • @public

      • posts from followed users @ Your Feed

      • posts from community members with dissimilar tastes

      • posts from users with dissimilar tastes

Nov 20, 2020

Support image webp uploading as you convert to webp anyway?

Nov 14, 2020

Auto-pause currently playing video when a new video is played.

Nov 14, 2020

Tweak galleries to look prettier. Actions like bookmark/like/dislike on image hover.

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