Some image previews can be a little zoomed-in in the editor.

Edit logs and other dates should be shown in the user’s local time (for reference, I edited that post at 8:21 pm on the 22nd).

Linked content can become shuffled - the Numberphile video here was linked before the 3Blue1Brown one and showed up as such in the editor.

TODO: Home feed and public page should be sortable by active with the ?sort=active query. This gets the most actively commented recent posts.

Wikipedia extracts are HTML now. Posting an example. @petrichor

Clicking on the arrow next to New Post button does nothing.

Your vote choice should be highlighted instead of the current leading option when logged in. (I voted for Signal)

TODO: Look into broken notifications on image likes/dislikes.

Polls are broken in shared posts and responses.

The “Go to post” link in the popup immediately after sharing a post leads to a 404.

Missing comment notifications.

Gallery image captions don’t show up in feeds, as reported by @zed. Thread here:

Jan 5

The direct image page linked here should use the image caption if available instead of Art - Gurlic.

Pasting in the editor seems to be broken on mobile.

Jan 5

I’ve been trying to fix this for better part of a day, still no luck…

Not sure if this is a bug, but creating a link Markdown style like…


…doesn’t seem to work.


Found a bug in gurlic? Something not working? Post them here.

Created on Oct 4, 2020
By @gurlic