Just letting everyone know that I’ve set up a patreon, if anybody wants to contribute. Still trying to figure out how it works!

Just a little reminder that images don’t work on mobile!

Edit: Just saw it looks like the images are converted/hosted using the file format WebP, that format doesn’t work on safari.

>WebP is a newer image format developed by Google and announced in 2010. … WebPimages are supported in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers, but has been notably absent from both iOS and macOS Safari

Another theme idea

Profiles and communities should be separated. For example, since my username is @Bitch, no subreddit can be named bitch. Part of the reason is because there’s nothing to differentiate profiles and subreddits (like u/ and r/ on reddit). p.rofile / c.ommunity; p.bitch / c.bitch?

I edited the CSS to make the theme a little nicer and cleaner!

Posts can be shared anonymously now.

It would be cool if, in channels like @music, Gurlic could start a new video when the first ends, transforming it into a playlist. Ideally, I should be able to skip some videos from the generated list.

Trying to get back to these bug fixes and feature requests after a number of slow and demotivating weeks.

New comments can sometimes break, and comment notifications don’t get sent out either. I’m working on this at the moment. (sorry)


A community to discuss gurlic, suggest new features, file bugs etc.

Created on Oct 4, 2020
By @gurlic