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Erez commented on a post by @StallmanWasRight May 26

I’m a fan of the Kakoune approach. I wish their editor was better, or that there were good kakoune-style plugins for common editors. (there’s one for vscode, but it was too buggy to use)

While discussing with fellow developers, I was asked the following question a few times: We spend most of our time as developers thinking, not editing code; so, why invest time into mastering a complicated code editor, and why lose some cognitive resources on thinking about text editing instead of about the real programming problem?

I think this point of view is misguided, for a few reasons:

  • Despite their name, code editors are not only about editing, but also about code navigation. Programming is a hard task partly due to the huge amount of context we have to keep in mind, and being able to quickly navigate code helps us refresh that context, by looking at definitions, implementations, and comments.

  • Although code editing itself is not the most important part of programming, it still takes non-negligible time to perform, and can be optimized by using better tools.

  • Finally, a programming career spans a few decades, so investing a few weeks to improving our editing and navigating speed is definitely worth it.

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Erez commented on a post by @rat Mar 18

I highly recommend Elaine’s book, “The Descent of Woman”. It’s an enjoyable read, which provides a lot of interesting details regarding this hypothesis.

Erez commented on a post by @babayaga Mar 8

He’s really looking hard for a reason, but it’s very simple. While Julia’s design is great, its implementation is very lacking.

Start-ups times are atrocious. A moderate sized app can take 20 seconds to start! There is no way to fix it, as a user.

Try to compile it to a binary. Minimum size is 500 mb. Still takes 20 seconds to start.

Try to plead with their community. Offer to help fix it, since it’s conceptually very simple to fix. Meet with bored disdain. “Yes we know it’s a problem, don’t rush us. If you really want you can solve it on your own.”

So why isn’t Julia more popular? You really don’t really need to look very hard.

A little over half a decade ago, I came across a wonderful project: a programming language called Julia that was going to revolutionise data science and technical computing. It was going to run like C, seamlessly integrate with Fortran, do things R does without its clunkiness, look and read like Python and be homoiconic like Lisp. We were all going to heaven, and that right soon. The language wars would end, we would finally get a lingua franca for anywhere code performance mattered, Julia would take over the TIOBE Index, and we’d all be home for tea and medals.

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Erez commented on a post by @root Feb 6

You can use vue or svelte, and keep it declarative.

Where isn’t there a textarea that resizes natively without me having to dick around with JS…

Erez commented on a post by @DongMaster69 Nov 30, 2020

I’m tired of everyone pushing for 80 characters like it’s 1970.

> Narrower is easier to read

That’s why word-wrap exists. Everyone can choose their prefered width.

> Side-by-side works better

You can still view code side-by-side when it’s 120 characters wide

> It encourages shorter names

More like, it discourages descriptive names. Now instead of calling it “unit_position_vector” it’s called “upv” so it will fit on the line, and it makes reading the codebase that much harder.

> Just a few spaces per indent level / Many indent levels is wrong anyway

True, but that’s irrelevant to the column width.

> we end up on a slippery slope and code slowly grow wider over time

Ah, yes, the slippery slope of gradually finding the best width.

According to these arguments, we might as well make it 40 characters, to achieve the best code with the fewest indents, shortest names, and least diff collisions. Or maybe just develop a good taste, and don’t bother with putting an arbitrary hard-limit on how code should look.

Erez commented on a post by @DongMaster69 Nov 18, 2020

Nice format, but this isn’t about the shape of stories, it’s about promoting political agenda.

I dig the comic format.