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Awesome site! Super dig the performance & privacy aspects. Just recommended this to my mother, who is a teacher and has had some difficulties with the ad-ridden / generally cumbersome options that show up as the top results on Google.

IMO the workflow would be a bit more efficient without the full-page Hero section, as frequent users of the site would be required to go through an extra scroll step every time they visit. Here’s a rough edit which allows users instantaneous access to the tools they’re looking for:


(I’m aware that some of the tools are available in the Nav, but some aren’t; and if more will be added, it’s maybe not as sustainable of an approach as the immediate Grid. Also, the icons allow for faster visual parsing once familiarity has been established.)

Hello Gurlic world!

I’ve just launched a private-aware website for processing PDF documents last month, called PDF Shelter. It avoids communication with remote servers by performing all operations on the browser using open source JS libraries such as pdf-lib and pdf.js.

There are several new features in the pipeline, but I would like to show what we already have to gather some feedback on functionality, UX, etc. Thanks!

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have experienced the same, and have worked around this by re-posting on various occasions

Linked content can become shuffled - the Numberphile video here was linked before the 3Blue1Brown one and showed up as such in the editor.

couldn’t pick just one 😑

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nice! dig the slate, that’s def my preferred dark theme variant when available.

Jan 19, 2021

I edited the CSS to make the theme a little nicer and cleaner!

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What kinda issues you running into?

Jan 5, 2021

My struggles with javascript (and the build system) never seem to end…

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Whatcha usin?

Jan 2, 2021 • Updated on January 2, 2021 3:52 am • Edit History (1)

Decided to ditch the existing sucky article Editor and integrate a better one into the New Post editor itself. In the works.

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I’ve been using the Calm app lately, it’s my fav so far. They have some 7 & 21 day beginner courses that develop progressively and are very explicit in terms of what to practice & focus on.

Headspace is another big one, but I found it to skip over important details in the beginner content (e.g. telling the user to ‘scan’, without ever having explicitly taught them how to scan, which is actually a broad topic that consumes most of the time at a 10-day beginners’ Vipassana retreat). Other than that, it’s got some good sessions.

Have also heard great things about Waking Up (no fluff, straightforward, pragmatic), but haven’t tried it out yet. Wrapping up my current courses first.

Calm & Headspace have courses/series, within which they allow the user to choose the duration of the session from a few options ([5|10|15|20] minutes usually), at least for the core content. They also have a good variety of specialized courses (productivity, mindful eating, sleep, anxiety, etc.).

hey @dmje, looking to start off the new year with a good mindfulness or meditation resource that I can follow daily. Any idea what to start with? Maybe something in audiobook format? I guess there should be a wiki page under this community for beginner resources!