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An der Abzucht (in Goslar) (1932) Rudolf Wacker

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan.

Humanist Books Office, Seoul, by Kim Jun-sung

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such a great film, recommended

Two bugs here

1) image orientation is not correct, this was uploaded directly from the ‘take photo’ option on iOS, there should be an EXIF flag in the image to indicate which rotation it should be. The image displayed correct in the editor / preview

2) on mobile the ratio is wrong, images should not have a minimum height when they are wider than they are tall

hope this helps

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I still want to show my interest or appreciation for a post, like this one, but I don’t need to see how many other people “like” it

This is not a feature request, more an idea.

I would suggest to hide likes/dislikes as an experiment. You might still want to notify users (even though this could be a setting).

My rationale being is that the whole like/subscriber count is part what’s wrong with social networks. Why not make the whole thing ephemeral. If somebody likes something I posted, send a quick notification, but don’t persist it and don’t show it.