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Made in the Caucasus mountains, Kabardino-Balkar ASSR, Adyr-Su valley, Ullu-Tau range, 1983.

Typography accounts for 95% of web design. Your font choice can be critical for branding, readability, and performance.

Over time, recommendations for using web fonts have changed as browsers adopted new standards. Now in 2021, I wanted to learn the best practices for using web fonts on high-performance sites.

Cave of The Storm Nymphs, Edward John Poynter, 1903

The Gl.iNET GL-MT300N is a $21/£19 travel router designed for WIFI on the go. The device runs a custom version of OpenWRT that is easily replaced with a standard release of OpenWRT making this device an ultra cheap hackable Dual NIC router/SBC.

Here’s a interesting chart for structuring conflicts in a story. I haven’t really used it much so far, but I like the idea of ‘nesting’ conflicts like HTML tags.

When I think about the story I’m currently working on, I do think the conflicts are nested like that. It opens with a character question, which will be resolved at the very end of the story. Then comes an event: two people disappeared. Closely followed by an inquiry: what happened? Those are also resolved in inverse order (first they find out what happened to those people, then they get them back).

So it seems like I’m subconsciously using this method after all! Which would make this a great troubleshooting tool if a story doesn’t ‘feel’ right.

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