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Jan 22

@root FFS he doesn’t even look like he’s concentrating on the music. He’s planning his next Lego project and thinking about sandwiches while knocking out some Chopin…

Nodding very much about this. Some great comments in the thread too.

“Because in 10 years nothing you built today that depends on JS for the content will be available, visible, or archived anywhere on the web.

All your fancy front-end-JS-required frameworks are dead to history, a mere evolutionary blip in web app development practices. Perhaps they provided interesting ephemeral prototypes, nothing more.”

// cc @root and @digiterate_dingo ‘cos of recent convo :-)


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I’m gunna go against the grain here. First of all I’m going to disagree with @root and suggest you steer well clear of js and any jamstack-ness. Instead I’d say go for something mature. Even something unsexy like php - just such an easy run up into it, no faff. Take this into a framework like Laravel if you want, but at first just learn native. Even more controversial - Wordpress - if you genuinely want to be up and running quickly, use that. We’re a wp development house, so I’m a zealot, but - it’s actually surprisingly good for building quick app prototypes…. ~ waits for storm of protest from hardcore devs ~

Heya everyone, I currently planning to work on a website/web application for a project. It would have client accounts, a UI/UX for selling digital content that would stay on that website.

I have a little experience but was wondering if there suggestions in terms of way to go, frameworks, how to make it lightweight, easy to maintain, and DRM friendly ?

Also, any advice, links on how-to’s, etc ?

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@root Yeh couple of hours away. Where we are is beautiful too but in a wild, untamed kind of way 🙂

Shaftesbury, England

Sam Harris (as ever) being highly eloquent about the recent insurrection, the irony of comparisons to BLM and the state of US democracy. He also touches on how meditation and an examined life fits into a bigger picture of democratic and political thinking.

Well worth a listen.


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So. What are you all doing about WhatsApp?

Nothing: all my friends and family are on it
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