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well, f****!

There seems to be a concerted effort in the last few weeks to portray Signal and Telegram in a bad light. I imagine they’ll be booted off app-stores quite soon, as the twitter pressure rises. I’m willing to bet on it.

Heya everyone,

I’m looking for a program to help organize notes and content.
The idea would be to have snippets of text that would have a title or short sentence to describe them, and then be able to organize visually ( in blocks maybe ?)those titles to make different lists, without changing the content of those texts. Also duplicate, have audio, video as well ?

It’s for organizing content for, say, a course ?

I dunno if it exists but it would be amazing !! Open source, even better !!

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to be fair, I prefer having warm tones to cool ones in themes.

I edited the CSS to make the theme a little nicer and cleaner!

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@fireflies on top of that, you have to get past the racist point of view from that era towards indeginous people. Not an easy read.

I love all things dark in literature. I like scary, and deep, and difficult. I am ok with slow reads. I like thinking, watching and trying to understand. That’s why I was sure I’d have a lasting relationship with the complete collection of works by H. P. Lovecraft (it shows $0.59 for the Kindle edition at the moment, by the way, at least for my region). The lasting relationship never happened, even though “cosmic horror” still sounds very intriguing. Truth be told, I haven’t read much of the collection yet. And that is the problem in its core. I can’t! How do you read this? How do you read this boring, preachy, monotonous and-now-my-dear-reader type of writing?!

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@StallmanWasRight indeed it has. Although the recent server problems has got me thinking if a decentralized app would have had the same problem ?

As more and more friends have turned to Signal, I’ve been using it more in the past day or two. Despite the hiccup/crash from the sudden traffic, it really seems like Signal has improved a lot.

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@dmje its another clue to make a page made to last :) But php is okay ? why is that ? because the user is served html only ?

Nodding very much about this. Some great comments in the thread too.

“Because in 10 years nothing you built today that depends on JS for the content will be available, visible, or archived anywhere on the web.

All your fancy front-end-JS-required frameworks are dead to history, a mere evolutionary blip in web app development practices. Perhaps they provided interesting ephemeral prototypes, nothing more.”

// cc @root and @digiterate_dingo ‘cos of recent convo :-)


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Heya everyone, I currently planning to work on a website/web application for a project. It would have client accounts, a UI/UX for selling digital content that would stay on that website.

I have a little experience but was wondering if there suggestions in terms of way to go, frameworks, how to make it lightweight, easy to maintain, and DRM friendly ?

Also, any advice, links on how-to’s, etc ?

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I had a phase with Telegram, until I found out that the encryption protocol was in-house built, had been audited and they found issues. So I ran away to Signal. Element is also a pretty good option, although I rarely use it.

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So. What are you all doing about WhatsApp?

Nothing: all my friends and family are on it
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