Here’s an idea: make a bot that scraps hacker news every day and posts a readers digest in a hacker news bread/community + links ?

Any tips on how to do that ? and make it matrix friendly to have it on parallel on hummingbard ?

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feeling bad for liking such a picture… brutal…

Mar 11, 2021

German guards and Ukrainian militia shooting a Jewish mother and son in Miropol, Ukraine, (1941).

Can anyone tell me why its a good idea to have all sites for the Internet Archive in and around San Franscisco ? I was watching this (link below) and when he shows the map at 5:38, I exploded into laughter… Is it a calculated risk or just avoiding the subject of the “ Big One“ ?

Heya everyone !

I’m looking to rename files that have problematic symboles in them. I’m using Freefilesync to copy over files and folders and some don’t work well due to file and folder names.

Any tips on how to recursively find and rename files to remove problematic ‘.‘ and whatnots ?

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I was confused for a sec :P So you got matrix running ?

Feb 26, 2021

New experiment that I shared on HN earlier. :)

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me glances at my 4 To hdd …

Feb 21, 2021

Loading a 5mb hard drive onto a Pan American Airways plane. 1958.

What are the privacy rules inforced in gurlic @root ?