It is undoubtedly true that youtube-dl is used to download copyrighted work out from under its technological protections, but it is not at all clear that is the dominant use for the tool. Given that YouTube and other sites have vast arrays of user-uploaded content that is not subject to the same restrictions as the RIAA’s precious content, any tool to access it will need to be able to use those sites in ways that are outside of the web-based interaction provided. Since there are also good reasons why people might want to view these videos in ways that RIAA members have not envisionedā€”or countenancedā€”any useful tool will need to be able to decode all of the different formats provided by the platforms. As with all tools, youtube-dl can be used in many different ways, some that even the RIAA might find to be acceptable.


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Created on Oct 20, 2020
By @root