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Welcome to @beer

This is a show and tell about the the next beer you are drinking, tell us when and why, you can lie!

Dec 18, 2020

Sorry not beer. But just a good old JD to warm the soul.

Dec 12, 2020

northern monk - new world (6.2%)

prep for tacos and enjoying this fine brew

Dec 11, 2020

Having a beer after a long time!

Dec 6, 2020

duvel (8.5%)

watching redman on mtv cribs & hoping someone else posts on @beer next

Dec 5, 2020

dig brew - hyper potion pale (6.5%)

it’s saturday, you’ve found something on the net; time to open a beer


the moment before you start drinking, your photos and a story please

bonus points for vibes

Created on Dec 5, 2020