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Jan 27

@babayaga Totally anecdotal, but insects have been INCREASING in our town over the last 5 years. (We conduct studies monthly on insects types and counts through the company “Earth Enviornment” at our factory here in Japan.

  • New studies, featured in a recent edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, assess insect declines around the planet.

  • On average, the decline in insect abundance is thought to be around 1-2% per year or 10-20% per decade. These losses are being seen on nearly every continent, even within well-protected areas.

  • Precipitous insect declines are being escalated by humanity as soaring population and advanced technology push us ever closer to overshooting several critical planetary boundaries including biodiversity, climate change, nitrification, and pollution. Planetary boundary overshoot could threaten the viability of life on Earth.

  • Action on a large scale (international, national, and public/private policymaking), and on a small scale (replacing lawns with insect-friendly habitat, for example) are desperately needed to curb and reverse insect decline.

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