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Christmas morning (1844) Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The recovered (1864) Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Nonchaloir (Repose) (1911) John Singer Sargent

Women Dressing (1906) William McGregor Paxton

Zigeunerin mit Tambourin, Alois Hans Schram

La famille du saltimbanque; l’enfant blessé (1853) Gustave Doré

Fisherman Carrying a Sail (1907) Joseph Edward Southall

Vertical and Horizontal Rows of Stylized Bullet-Shaped Flowers with Pearls as Pistils, Placed Alternately Horizontally and Verticallly, and Quatrefoils Forming In-Between the Flowers (1840) Anonymous

Thetis Bringing the Armor to Achilles (1804) Benjamin West

A Sure Shot, John George Brown

Young Beauty, Leopold Schmutzler

A Merry Company, Workshop of Jan Massys

Coresus Sacrificing Himself To Save Callirhoe (1765) Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Haymaking, Henry John Yeend King

An Der Quelle (Lauschende Nymphe) Franz von Stuck

The Magdalene (19th century) Jean-Jacques Henner

Tiberius exiles (1850) Félix-Joseph Barrias

The orphans (1830) Ary Scheffer

Evensong (1893) Charles Frederick Lowcock

The Shepherdess Of Rolleboise (1896) Daniel Ridgway Knight

David and Saul (1885) Julius Kronberg

Flower Baskets And Flower Pots In A Garden (1887) Alfred Petit