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Gesicht (around 1928) Karl Wiener

The Cloistered Life (1921) Heinrich Campendonk

A River Landscape With Figures, Balthasar Beschey

Unter den Lauben von Thun (Ein Spaziergängermotiv) (1913) August Macke

Rio de Janeiro-based artist Luciano Cian (previously) has an affinity for the bold blocks of color that compose his minimal portraits. Although he recently expanded his practice to include acrylic paintings and collage, Cian works primarily digitally, rendering anonymous figures with thin lines and vibrant, geometric shapes like in his MAGNA series. “It has this name because it is big, both in dimensions and in purpose,” he tells Colossal. “I always work with images that allude to ethnicity. This series, like the others, talks about the miscegenation of races and peoples, with diversity as the central focus.”

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The Seine at Argenteuil (La Seine à Argenteuil) (1888) Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Cérès ou l’Agriculture (1770) Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée

The Obelisk (1787) Hubert Robert

One of the Ladies of the Harem (1854–1856) Constantin Guys

Autumn Oaks (ca. 1878) George Inness

Ariadne, Herbert James Draper

Pandore (1890) William-Adolphe Bouguereau

A Man Serenading a Woman (1924) Dan Content

David with the Head of Goliath (1600-1601) Caravaggio

A Roman Slave Market (ca 1884) Jean-Léon Gérôme

Woodcutter (Shomu) (1909-1910) Kamisaka Sekka

Viewfinder” is a charming animation about exploring the outdoors from the Seoul-based studio VCRWORKS. The second episode in the recently launched Rhythmens series, the peaceful short follows a central character on a hike in a springtime forest and frames their whimsically rendered finds through the lens of a camera.

atze mit Kakteenblüte I (1921) Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen

French Riviera (1920) János Vaszary

Eduard von Grützner - Monk drinking (1908)

Hercules And Cacus, Antonio Zanchi

The Triumph of a Potuan, whose Reform Proposal has been Approved (1785 – 1787) Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard