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Storm (1846) Ary Scheffer

The Farewell Of Telemachus And Eucharis (1818) Jacques Louis David

Sognando, Charles Chaplin

Burning Oil Well at Night, near Rouseville, Pennsylvania (ca. 1861) James Hamilton

The Watercarrier (1908) Eugen von Blaas

Frank Frazetta - ‘Geisha’ (1983)

At a water well (1883) Teodor Axentowicz

Anders Zorn - Fishmarket in St Ives (1888)

Alexandre Cabanel, Paradise Lost, 1867

The Bookworm, (circa 1851), Carl Spitzweg

Liberty (c. 1865-1875) Gustave Doré

The Dance of the Bacchantes (1849) Charles Gleyre

Springtime (1873) Pierre-Auguste Cot

Vertigo (1908) Léon Spilliaert

Apollo And Diana Attacking The Children Of Niobe (1772) Jacques Louis David

The Daughters of Leukypus (1866) Franz von Lenbach

Fashion salon in Paris (1883) Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse

The other door (1917) William McGregor Paxton

Moder og barn ved indgangen til kirken, Carl Ferdinand Andersen

Pollice Verso (1872) Jean-Léon Gérôme

Crusaders, After Emile Signol Ida Silfverberg

The Young Eastern Woman (1838) Friedrich von Amerling