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@femme damn. so good reminded me of this.

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia

During the Roaring Twenties, this structure was built as an architect’s mansion—

Stará Plynárna, Hřensko, Czech Republic.

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Apr 14

did not read just made me think

A modeling algorithm for exploring the architecture and construction of bird nests

The wide variety of nest architectural designs exhibited by passerine birds allowed them to diversify into a wide variety of ecological niches and terrestrial habitats. At present, very little is known about the mechanics of building these structures. Digitizing natural biological structures such as bird nests provides the opportunity to explore their structural properties and behavior under specific conditions by means of computational manipulations, simulations, and analyses. This study describes a generic algorithm for the digitization and exploration of complex interlocked bird nests, and validates it on nests built by the Dead-Sea Sparrow (Passer moabiticus) in branches of trees using stiff dry branches


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La Monumental, Barcelona, Spain.

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In Laurent Grasso’s Future Herbarium, small bunches of flowers evolve into bizarre forms with doubled pistils and petals sprouting in thick layers and tufts. Painted in distemper or oil, the transformed blooms are depicted as typical studies of specimens common in the 18th century. The mutations bring together historical aesthetics and transformations from an imagined future, provoking “an impression of strangeness where beauty and anxiety are mixed,” the Paris-based artist says.

“redacte“dc feelin like

p.s. reading vertical is not easy.

Things have been getting boring. Europe hasn’t had a regional war since forever.

It was late 1973, and Jeff Beck needed to take shelter from the chill winds blowing around his latest band, the supergroup trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. The guitarist had retreated to his country pile in East Sussex, where he indulged his passion for working on hot rods…

5. Chacun a le devoir de travailler et le droit d’obtenir un emploi. Nul ne peut être lésé, dans son travail ou son emploi, en raison de ses origines, de ses opinions ou de ses croyances.

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so… fun fact… i disagree!

ordo we}

British television channel BBC World News has been barred from airing in China, the National Radio and Television Administration said on Friday, a week after Britain’s media regulator revoked Chinese state television’s broadcast licence.

Sorry to bother you all, but in light of recent events that have happened between Signal and some of our anti-censorship community members, it is my belief that we, a community that’s dedicated to censorship circumvention and Internet freedom, must come together. In case you didn’t know, here’s a quick recap.

After raising an issue about Signal’s new proxy implementation designed to circumvent Iranian government’s censorship, @DuckSoft and @studentmain have been repeatedly dismissed by Signal and its co-founder Moxie. They have found that Signal’s simple TLS-in-TLS proxy is subject to simple active probes, and can be detected by conventional DPI systems.

Our community have been silent for too long. We are the underdogs, doing the real work, and yet unappreciated by many people. Our opinions are underrepresented. That’s what makes me believe that we must speak out this time, that we should release a joint statement, to condemn Signal’s dismissive and irresponsible attitude to the anti-censorship community, and to call for our unity as a community and their immediate action on the matter.

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Myanmar’s new military government has ordered local telecom firms to temporarily block Facebook in the Southeast Asian nation days after the military seized power in the country in a military coup.

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An academic critical media literacy conference warning of the dangers of media censorship has, ironically, been censored by YouTube. The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas 2020 took place without incident online over two days in October and featured a number of esteemed speakers and panels discussing issues concerning modern media studies.

Weeks later, however, the entire video record of the conference — estimated at around 24 hours of material — disappeared from YouTube. Organizer Nolan Higdon of California State University East Bay, began receiving worried messages from other academics, some of which were shared with MintPress, who had been using the material in their classrooms, noting that it had all mysteriously disappeared.

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Network data from the NetBlocks Internet Observatory indicate the onset of widespread internet disruptions in Myanmar on Sunday 31 January 2021 (UTC) amid reports of a military uprising and the detention of political leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi.

The telecommunication disruptions beginning approximately 3:00 a.m. Monday morning local time have significant subnational impact including the capital and are likely to limit coverage of events as they take place. Continuing disconnections have been monitored with national connectivity falling initially to 75% and subsequently 50% of ordinary levels by 8:00 a.m. local time.

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Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we’re reaching out to find out what’s going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there’s… but it’s a few versions behind. We’ll post updates here.