Alepo Technologies Inc

Alepo is an award-winning digital enablement and revenue management software company. Our future-ready, innovative products power operations and billing for digital service providers, including fixed and mobile telcos.

Established in 2004, Alepo is a mature technology solutions provider based in Austin, Texas, with a presence in a

Joined March 2021
Austin, TX

An end-to-end Operations Support System (OSS) that simplifies data network management. Alepo’s OSS solution designed to maximize ROI and optimize resource use. 

A comprehensive digital BSS platform comprising convergent charging, billing, digital CRM, omnichannel self-carepartner management, and many more modules, enabling rapid delivery, monetization, and management of the latest communications services.

Mediation System simplifies streaming operations, improves data processing, supports numerous downstream distribution scenarios, ensures billing mediation accuracy.

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