An album cover I made for my EP “Manor Serfs”, artist name is Wealh.

Just a little reminder that images don’t work on mobile!

Edit: Just saw it looks like the images are converted/hosted using the file format WebP, that format doesn’t work on safari.

>WebP is a newer image format developed by Google and announced in 2010. … WebPimages are supported in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers, but has been notably absent from both iOS and macOS Safari

I’ve been suspended from Reddit for 3 days:

>Rule Violation: Temporarily Banned for Harassment

>You’ve been banned for three days for violating Reddit’s rule against harassment in the following content.

Another theme idea

Profiles and communities should be separated. For example, since my username is @Bitch, no subreddit can be named bitch. Part of the reason is because there’s nothing to differentiate profiles and subreddits (like u/ and r/ on reddit). p.rofile / c.ommunity; p.bitch / c.bitch?

I edited the CSS to make the theme a little nicer and cleaner!