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Here’s a interesting chart for structuring conflicts in a story. I haven’t really used it much so far, but I like the idea of ‘nesting’ conflicts like HTML tags.

When I think about the story I’m currently working on, I do think the conflicts are nested like that. It opens with a character question, which will be resolved at the very end of the story. Then comes an event: two people disappeared. Closely followed by an inquiry: what happened? Those are also resolved in inverse order (first they find out what happened to those people, then they get them back).

So it seems like I’m subconsciously using this method after all! Which would make this a great troubleshooting tool if a story doesn’t ‘feel’ right.

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Haven’t been very active lately, mostly because of December craziness at work. I’ll try to drop in a bit more from now on!

Anna commented on a post by @root Jan 4

I could see potential uses for inline images, for example when you want to include small icons in your text. Whether custom emoji’s or custom bullet points or technical symbols or … I don’t see myself using it frequently but if it’s not bothering anyone, I say keep the feature :)

Trying out various markdown-related things. Does an inline link work?

What about an inline image? Goofy

Jan 4

Will probably get rid of inline images. They seem unnecessary…

Dec 26, 2020

Gurlic has a pretty amazing set of article/blog-related features, but at the moment, no one could be blamed for thinking the community/social media aspect is all there is to the site. So I’m making this post for two reasons:

  1. To tell you to check out the article features! Look at for example. It’s a ‘publication’ filled with articles. You can make your own article by starting a post, and then clicking ‘make this an article’ at a bottom to go to the fancy article editor. You can create your own publication via the ‘create a community’ link and choose type ‘publication’.

  2. To brainstorm about the best ways to make these features more obvious. I have the idea that @root is a bit swamped with work on Gurlic and I don’t want to just throw vague suggestions and requests at him. So let’s get some brains together and come up with some more solid ideas. I’ll make a start in the comments.

@dmje Brainstorm post!

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